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Evoke a state of tranquility with warming citrus and dark spice. Honour your temple with purity, purification, and protection.

Organic coconut wax, bergamot essential oil, bay laurel essential oil, 100% cotton wick, petroleum free, soy free. Practice the art of aromatherapy, made with sustainable and ethical use of renewable resources.

Burn 2-3 hours at a time for optimal performance.

Crafted with our very own organic coconut wax and 100% essential oils. From sustainable raw ingredients to recyclable packaging, every material we use is built around your health and the planet's. Delievering optimal permeability with a competitive burn time, this is your honest aromatherapy experience.  Hand-poured by really nice Canadians.

Natural, Organic, Sustainable, Non-GMO, Fair trade, Kosher, Cruelty free,  Petroleum free , Soy free, Lead free, Compostable, Recyclable, Safe heat resistant jars.

Made in Canada

No. 2 Bergamot x Bay Candle - 13 oz

SKU: FR00FCW02-3
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