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Offer a curated selection of items for the home with a classic & timeless style with the friendliest service.
All of it, from a beautiful and pleasing environment.

L'équipe sera également ravi de vous servir en Français.


More About Us

Patrick Gagnon founded Interior Concept Studio in 2015. He started the business from his basement apartment in Moncton, New Brunswick, which he was renting from his now business partner, Sophie Cassidy.

Sophie joined Patrick in 2017. Not knowing what their journey would hold, they kept working hard towards their goals.

As the team grew, Patrick & Sophie were always searching for the best studio for Interior Concept —A perfect spot where creativity and efficiency could meet.— Adjusting to the growing business and moving around town from studio to the next, they couldn't seem to find the perfect home for their team to flourish.

That's where they decided to take the leap, and create a home of their own. With the help from Kaitlyn and Karine and support from friends and family; Interior Concept Studio finally moved to a place of it's own in spring of 2021:

Boutique Intemporelle, Home of Interior concept Studio!

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