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Much like a wine cellar our candle cellar curates and collects luxury scented candles from all around the world.


The Candle Cellar are also makers of quality scented candles! Below you'll find our collection of 4 distinct candles, developed using rich and unique scent notes. Each of our signature scents are crafted to trigger your olfactive sense and bring out contrasting imaginative feelings.

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Green tea

This relaxing yet fresh scent will give you a revitalized feeling. Chambéry, a french city sitting in the Alps surrounded by fresh air, mountains and natural springs.

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Lily of the valley
Rose petals

The feeling of breathing into a bouquet of freshly picked flowers. This scent will bring you directly to the south of France where fields are filled with colourful and bright flowers.


Orris roots

Rich and warm, this sophisticated scent will bring you to a classy night out in the city. A strong, romantic and enveloping scent will comfort you anywhere you light it.

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Sea Salt & Ambergris

Dune de Pilat, along the west coast of France, is the tallest sand dune in Europe. The aromas will have you sitting on the beach soaking the sun and smelling every waves of salted water.

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Our fragrances are carefully developed in France within the hands of professionals. The confectioned blends are then delivered here and blended with our soy wax to create luxury candles from The Candle Cellar Collection. All of it, hand-poured in Shediac, NB in beautiful matte glass vessels that can be re-used after the candle's life has come to end.

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Smell is considered the strongest memory inducer.

In French culture, the job of perfume creators and specialists is called « Le métier de Nez ». Which translates to nose artist. That’s where it all starts.

The blend of certain elements and fragrances will ignite your emotions straight to memory lanes.

Our custom scent blends are carefully curated by a french nose artist located in Paris. The artist spends time and effort in creating the best possible blends of aromatics and extracts. Each creation process starts with a feeling that the artist recreate in its best tangible form, a fragrance.



The minds behind it all

Sophie and Patrick have had a long-lasting love for scented candles.

Being roommates in 2013, it all started when they both offered each other the exact same candle as a Christmas gift.

Since then, they have never missed an occasion to offer one another a scented candle as a gift; on their birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and even for no specific occasions. Just knowing the other’s olfactive taste was a good reason for a random gift giving.

Drinking wine one night, they spiraled into the idea of eventually having their own candle lines, half tipsy in the wine cellar is where this story all started...



To develop luxurious and ethically made scented candles.
To offer a pleasing and soothing space to explore learn and express yourself :

The Candle Cellar.

White Flowers
Flowers and Shadows


The Nose Artiste

Hanna was born in Grasse, a small town in the French Riviera also known as "the capital city of perfumes." She grew up surrounded by a very rich variety of scents that the region offers throughout the seasons. Born as a curious soul, she had always been interested in applied chemistry because she liked learning about molecules that we encounter in our everyday life: hormones, drugs, aromas… and scents. ⁠

She has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biology and is currently doing an apprenticeship for a company near Grasse called Only Fragrances, where they specialize in the creation of perfumes for various applications (Eau de Parfum, Candles, Soaps, etc.) She's currently finishing the second year of her two-year apprenticeship. ⁠

The Candle Cellar is the first project she's been able to do herself during her program. It’s funny how things work because at one point in her studies she was thinking of becoming a sommelier (a wine specialist) after a summer internship in wine laboratories in Bordeaux, a city she fell in love with. She was quickly drawn back to her initial love of perfumes. And now, her first perfumes are destined to a project built around an analogy with wine… If you don’t believe in fate, let’s call this a really happy coincidence!