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At Boutique Intemporelle, we have a passion for bringing your home decor vision to life. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best service to help you find pieces you'll cherish and adore.

We are the new leading design boutique in Moncton, New Brunswick. Our store is a truly unique space for discovering your decor taste and customizing your home to fit your needs.


Our customers can count on us to expect the unexpected; we are fun, eccentric, know how to add personality to everyday items, and create a special flair to your home. Click below to learn more about how we got started.

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The Candle Cellar is a maker, curator and collector of scented and luxury candles.

Our fragrances are carefully developed in France within the hands of professionals. The confectioned blends are then delivered here, and blended with our soy wax to create luxury candles from The Candle Cellar Collection. All of it, hand poured in Shediac, NB in beautiful matte glass vessels that can be re-used after the candle's life has come to end. Check out our collection below!



Interior design is not as simple as choosing colours or the right accent chair. Of course, those are parts of the job, but there is much more to it! A good designer will make sure your entire surrounding environment, whether it be indoor or outdoor, is aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, your space must be functional, safe, and ergonomic, which are all aspects that I will make sure to include in my work.

At Interior Concept Studio, our team of professional designers will help you create the perfect home design that will be both beautiful and functional! Learn more about our services below.

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